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Established in 1991 by Fernando García-Coca, the García-Coca Law Firm which can be found in 123 Bruc Street, Barcelona has since its opening offered a full legal counsel service to companies and individuals. It constantly strives to provide a personalized client service entirely in keeping with client needs whilst at the same time responding efficiently to legal problems which arise.

Fernando García-Coca – Jorge García-Coca

The passage of time has meant that not only does the García-Coca Law Firm count on the necessary level of experience to deal with legal problems confidently and efficiently, but also the incorporation of several highly qualified lawyers drawn from a range of legal disciplines with expertise in these areas. These professionals share an important human quality, and a commitment to providing thoughtful and personalized service thereby entirely satisfying the clients’ legal advice and personal needs.

All the practice areas are covered by the García-Coca Law Firm’s professionals both nationally and internationally either in the central office, or through collaborating firms which have been chosen for their affinity to the firm’s philosophy on providing a made-to-measure service.

Fernando García-Coca

Jorge García-Coca

In addition to the complete legal service which the García-Coca Law Firm offers, special mention should be made of the additional plus which the firm provides with the expertise of Fernando García-Coca, lawyer collegiate of the Curia, specialized in Canon Marriage Law. The firm provides a specific and tailored service on the annulment of Canonical marriage before the Ecclesiastical Tribunal.