Matrimonial Law


  • Processes arising from marital breakdown (separations and divorces), both in litigation and by mutual agreement (marital dissolution, effects on children, patrimonial effect on spouses, compensatory pension, and financial compensation).
  • Dissolutions of common-law marriage both in court and by mutual agreement.
  • Negotiation, drafting and modification of regulatory agreements of the effects of the marital breakdown.
  • Parental plans (single or shared parental responsibility, parental authority, child arrangements, child support, allocation of the right to use the family home, etc.)
  • Legal proceedings arising from conflicts in parental authority.
  • Dissolution and liquidation of the matrimonial property regime.
  • Judicial decision enforcement procedures.
  • Modifying measures due to substantial change in circumstances.
  • Recognition of the enforcement of foreign judicial decisions (Exequatur).

Canon Law of Marriage

  • Canon Law marriage annulment procedures.

Legal Protection of the Individual

  • Power of attorney – Legal Guardianship.
  • Judicial incapacitation procedures.
  • Guardianship procedures.
  • Extension of parental authority in cases of incapacitation of a minor.