The Management

Barcelona, October 2021

  • Customer Focus. To strengthen our law firm and encourage continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, the management has defined the mission and values that guide our service. The following actions are taken to achieve the firm’s annual goals and objectives. In addition, their opinion can help us identify future needs in our professional field.
  • Leadership. The organization is not directed; it is led. The management establishes the firm’s direction through the Quality Management System. It ensures that the work environment is one suitable to motivating staff to reach the established achievements and objectives.
  • Staff Participation. The firm’s staff, at all levels, is the essence of the organization. Their total commitment enables their experience and skills to be used for their own benefit and that of the organization and apply it to our clients.
  • Continuous Improvement. With a critical and constructive mentality, we should propose improvements in the way we work both for the benefit of our clients and for the benefit of the organization itself.
  • Responsibility and Legal Framework. All our actions should be aimed at dealing with our clients’ affairs with complete responsibility and confidentiality. This applies to their execution and the legal advice we provide to them within the legal framework in which our professional activity is carried out.
  • Environmental Commitment. We work to minimize the environmental impact of our daily activities using technology and systematic recycling.
  • Social Responsibility. Contribution to the improvement of coexistence in our society through the dissemination of knowledge, backing conciliation versus litigation and collaborating with non-profit organizations with social aims.